Google Instant Preview – What’s the Excuse Now?

Google Instant Preview will now make it even harder to earn those clicks - great web design will overshadow poorly designed websites, regardless of content.

Have you come across those ugly, slow loading, non user friendly websites? These are the sites that are going to get left in the dust with Google’s latest update – Google Instant Preview. Google instant preview feature places a small magnifying glass icon on serps (search engine result pages), that when clicked, generate a preview of the website. This has many implications, the most important of which is letting the user see the website before actually visiting it. The time it takes for a person to decide if a site is the right choice for their search result just went from a few seconds, to literally an instant (no pun intended). This means that poorly designed, bad looking website are going to get passed over, before they even get visited. This coupled with other changes to Google such as the page loading ranking factor send a clear message to webmasters everywhere: your excuses for not redesigning your website or getting it properly designed from the beginning are no longer acceptable if you want traffic. That is unless you want to be bypassed by your audience in favor of more attractive looking sites in the search engine results.

Twitter for Business: Social Media Bandwagon or Social Media Innovation?

Twitter is all the rage. At chirp, the twitter developer conference some very interesting facts were revealed:

  • Twitter now has 105,779,710 registered users.
  • New users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day.
  • 180 million unique visitors come to the site every month.


With staggering statistics like this, it is easy to see why businesses are trying their best to justify using Twitter on their website. But can your business really utlize it? It’s easy to see how a mobile car wash business could utlize twitter to ‘tweet’ its location to customers and make them aware of their current location, but what about an engineering firm? Do regular customers really want to follow them on twitter? Does the business seem out of touch by not having twitter then or should it simply sign up twitter to keep a competitor or 3rd party from claiming their brand on twitter? (A topic for another post…) Arbitrarily having a twitter button on your companies website is simply sending a signal to customers that you are doing it to appear ‘hip’ or jumping on the social media bandwagon. If you do have the twitter account, then your company should be using it to engage customers and interactive with them. Integrate the twitter account with your companies blog and make twitter a source for

The Google AdWords Tax