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earch engine optimization is the art of optimizing a website and increasing its ranking in search engines. Doing this properly can substantially increase free visitors to your website, in turn leading to increased profits for your business!

Information Architecture

We analyze your site's content and strategically plan the best way to structure your website for maximum search engine rankings. Poor site organization can confuse Google and other search engine web crawlers and consequently lead to your web pages not getting indexed in Google.

Detailed Competitive Analysis

You provide us with your competition and we'll formulate a plan to help you outrank them. We look at several factors both on and off their webpages and break it down in a detailed report.

Site Analysis

Your site will undergo a thorough evaluation to determine what needs to be done to increase your website's ranking. Our SEO experts will asses your page's load time, usability, and other on site factors and provide you with a detailed report.

Keyword Research

Your business's visibility is heavily dependant on the keywords you target. RiverView will help you research the most profitable keywords and optimize your site for those keywords.

Code Optimization

Was your website built before 2007? Is your website flash based? If you answered yes, then your site's code could be bogging you down in the search engine results. Our team of web designers can revamp your website or do an attractive redesign that will utilize the latest technology, allowing for your website to load faster and rank higher.

Content & Blog Development

We will work closely with you to optimize your ad copy leading to increased sales and higher rankings. Poorly written or insufficient ad copy can lead to a website ranking very low.

Monthly Reporting

As a business owner you want to see results. RVP will provide you with a detailed ranking report each month to update you on your site's progress. The report will even show your competitors rankings as well so you can compare and keep track!

Ethical seo

Our web marketing and SEO specialists use only white hat SEO tactics that will not penalize or damage your business's standing with Google or other search engines. Our team uses proven, safe methods to get your website to the top, and ensures that the methods used focus on longterm rankings and not a quick boost.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your website and it's optimization is not something that is done once and forgotten about. At RiverView we focus on building a relationship with you and continuely improving your website's ranking and adapting to changes in how search engines rank your website. A dedicated account manager will handle your website and continuily update you on your site's progress.

RVP applied their SEO expertise to my web site and maneuvered it to the first page of Google within weeks. The only reason not to give your site RVP's SEO service is if you're not into making money or growing your business..."

- Tim Barton

RiverView has dramatically increased my web traffic to my website. Google loves me."

- Todd Hewitt

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